Current Issue: 2017 , Volume 21 , Issue 3

Editor-in-Chief :İlkay Küçükgüzel
Associate Editor :Esra Tatar
Online ISSN :1309-0801
Frequency :Quarterly (January-April-July-October)
Abbreviation :Marmara Pharm J
Former Name :Journal of Pharmacy of University of Marmara
Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal
Chemical Constituents, Cytotoxic, Antioxidant and Cholinesterases Inhibitory Activities of Silene Compacta (Fischer) Extracts.
Rational Pharmacotherapy Management Process in Dentistry.
Investigation of Antioxidants"s Antimutagenic Effects by The Ames Test.
Evaluation of Relationship Between Lymphocyte DNA Damages and Blood Arsenic Levels in Silver Mining Workers using Alkaline Comet Assay.
Evaluation of genotoxic potential of pemetrexed by using in vitro alkaline comet assay.
Cytotoxicity, Radical Scavenging, Antioxidant Properties and Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil of Satureja cilicica P.H. Davis from Turkey.
Phytochemical analysis of some plants from Lamiaceae family frequently used in folk medicine in Aligudarz region of Lorestan province.
Chemical Profile of Malva Neglecta and Malvella Sherardiana By Lc-Ms/Ms, Gc/Ms And Their Anticholinesterase, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties with Aflatoxin-Contents.
Chemical composition, acute and sub-acute toxicity of Satureja khuzestanica essential oil in mice.
Investigation of Antioxidant and Enzyme Inhibition Activities and Phenolic Compound of Medicago rigidula (L.) All..
Anatomy and Activity Studies of Pedicularis condensata.
Morphological characteristics of two endemic subspecies of Clinopodium troodi (Post) Govaerts (Lamiaceae) growing in Turkey.
Assessment of Cellular Responses in Kidney Cells Exposed to Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles.
Protoscolicidal Effects and Acute Toxicity of Essential Oil and Methanolic Extract of Cuminum cyminum Seeds.
In vivo evaluation of Berberis vulgaris extract on acute toxoplasmosis in mice.
Tartrazine induced changes in physiological and biochemical parameters in Swiss albino mice, Mus musculus.
Investigation of the Effects of Edaravone on Valproic Acid Induced Tissue Damage in Pancreas.
Influence of Pharmacist Recommendations for Chemotherapy-Related Problems in Diabetic Cancer Patients.
Trace Element Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Gluten Free Snacks Produced for Coeliac Disease Patients.
Central Composite Design to develop a robust RP-TLC/Densitometry method for quantification of Triclosan in cosmetic preparations.
Investigation of fragment based quantitative regression on a series of substituted chromen-2-one derivatives as FXa inhibitors.
Study on the Antimicrobial Effects of Novel Thiazole Derivatives.
Microemulsion Based Bioadhesive Gel of Itraconazole Using Tamarind Gum: In-vitro and Ex-vivo Evaluation.
Antioxidant Potential and Emulsifying Properties of Kheri (Acacia chundra, Mimosaceae) Gum Polysaccharide.
Formulation and evaluation of a bilayer tablet comprising of diclofenac potassium as orodispersible layer and diclofenac sodium as sustained release core.
Preparation and Evaluation of a Sustained Release Formulation of Metoclopramide Hydrochloride HPMC Tablets.
Leaf Anatomical Features of Juniperus oxycedrus, Aloe vera and Smilax excelsa used in psoriasis.
Wild Edible Plants of Savaştepe District (Balıkesir, Turkey).
Metabolite Production and Antibacterial Activities of Callus Cultures from Rosa damascena Mill. Petals.
Investigation on quantitative structure-activity relationships of benzoylamino benzoic acid derivatives as β-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase III (FABH) inhibitors.
3D quantitatve structure activity relationship of tetrahydroimidazo [1,2-a] pyrimidine as antimicrobial agents.
HPLC Assay Method Development and Validation for Quantification of Capecitabine in Tablets and Forced Degradation Samples.
Mean Centering Method for determination of Empagliflozin and Metformin.
Analytical and Sales Data Comparison of Reference Product of Insulin Aspart and its Biosimilar in Turkey.
Intellectual Property and Patent in Cosmetics.
Application of electrospun nanofibers in drug delivery and tissue engineering.